Upslope Brewing Company- Marketing practices

By Adrianna Marini

Upslope Brewing Company is a really popular Brewing Company in Colorado. It is helpful to look at Breweries that started off locally and are making their way beyond Colorado. Upslope Brewing Company is relatively new, releasing their first batch of Pale Ale to the public in 2008. They are known for producing tasty ales and lagers hand crafted in small batches. There are four main areas that Upslope has excelled in helping them to quickly become a popular brand name: Their can, Their Logo, Their Website, and Their expansion efforts.

The Can

Upslope’s can is iconic to their brand. They serve all their beers in aluminum cans for portability and because they are recyclable. This is great for their brand because they are paying close attention to convenience as well as sustainability. They use their can to target the “on- the- go beer enthusiast” like hikers and anyone who loves to explore the outdoors. This is a huge part of their brand, as their target consumers were Coloradans on the go. It is significant that they only offer a can option- this can make consumers think of Upslope when they think “canned beer”.

The Logo

Upslope’s logo is simple, but accurately represents the brand for its simplicity and where it is located. The mountains in the backdrop are relevant to Colorado It is important to make sure your logo is coherent with your overall brand colors. All successful business make sure their colors are incorporated throughout their marketing endeavors. Starbucks is a great example of beverage company with a successful logo marketing with their incorporation of their signature green into their marketing efforts. Your logo is the consumers first impression of your brand- and upslope has really nailed their logo.


The Website

Upslope’s website is exactly what a brewery’s website should aim to look and function like. On their home page, they have images of the product and people enjoying it, a teaser (small blurb) about who they are, their product, and their blog, and an easy to navigate menu tab. The colors of their brand are consistent throughout the entire site and it is always up to date. Everything is very well organized and this is essential to their marketing efforts. Other than the product itself, a companies website can be its biggest selling point. If consumers like what they see, they will be more obligated to taste the product. They also have platforms on social medias, which is essential to marketing the company online.

Expansion Efforts

Upslope uses their logo heavily in their marketing efforts. In many restaurants and bars, they have their logo hanging on a sign in the window. This is a great way to capture peoples attention because they will see the brand in an environment other than a bar environment. Another great marketing strategy that the company uses is hosting events almost daily. The Brewery has two locations that have events switching off from different food trucks to live music events. This draws in nearby workers on their lunch breaks to try their beers and enjoy different selections of food trucks. More recently, Upslope is coming up on their 7th year anniversary and have decided to have an event to celebrate. This is a great idea for spreading their brand further while also celebrating their success.

Upslope Brewing Company is a fantastic example of effective marketing in action. I am confident if they continue on their current path, they will become even more successful.

Check out more sources on Upslope’s marketing efforts:


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