Top 7 Most Sustainable Breweries In The US

Aiming to be a sustainable company should be a top priority for your company. Many consumers place high responsibility on their favorite brands to not only be delicious, but also to be contributing to helping save our planet through their sustainability practices. So lets talk examples and see how some of the biggest brewing companies have made their mark on the sustainability campaign.


#1. New Belgium Brewing

 New Belgium is one of the more popular brands thought of when people think of sustainability. Something interesting about this brewery is that its origin is local to us here in Colorado. The company made its base in Fort Collins, Colorado. It uses something called science- based metrics to keep track of their company’s environmental performance. Through this they track water usage, waste, and their emissions. They strive to have clean water, they divert 99.9% of their waste, and they monitor their carbon footprint.

Water wise, the company has reduced water use per barrel of beer to 3.5:1 (the average range per barrel is from 6.1-10.1). On top of this, the brewery is partnered with Brewers for Clean Water. The campaign has donated nearly half a million dollars to restore local waterways. Something else hugely significant the company makes a high priority is hosting events to “give back” to its community. They stand out because they take initiatives to help support their customers and also celebrate their brand.


#2. Yards Brewing Co.

 This company is truly inventive when stepping up to the plate for sustainability. Located in Pennsylvania, it is the states first 100% wind powered brewery. They have also taken steps toward sustainable packaging by choosing to support the Sustainable forestry initiative through their cardboard packaging.

In their tasting room, the company composts all food scraps and tries to only use recycled materials. The company also sponsors an Earth Day event each year where they educate consumers about the declining honeybee population.


#3. Brooklyn Brewery

 Brooklyn Brewery uses 100% wind-generated electricity. They also do their part in recycling all paper, plastic and bottles the brewery generates and send grain to local farms. Water wise, the company recycles hot water and serves beer samples out of compostable cups.


#4. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Sierra Nevada has saved more than $5 million by diverting almost 100%n of its waste. Its brewery uses one of the largest solar array in the country where more than 10,000 panels meet 20% of the breweries energy needs. Sierra Nevada sources 20 percent of its power form an on site hydrogen fuel cell plant. It also captures co2 emitted during fermentation and recycles it back to the brewery.


#5. Full Sail Brewing


This company has always had sustainability on their mind. Its focus is on water sustainment and has its rated water consumption to 2.5 gallons compares to the average 6 o 8 gallons of water per gallon of beer.


#6. Lakefront Brewery

Lake Front Brewery makes its reputation for being the first in the US to produce an organic beer seem minuscule compared to its efforts for power sustainability. The company also claims to reclaim heat energy from the brewing process to reuse for the next batch of beer.


#7. Brewery Vivant

Brewery Vivant was the first LEED- certified microbrewery in the U.S. Its sustainability reports are released yearly and the company stick with recycled aluminum for packaging. It is said that 75 percent of the company’s purchases are from Michigan, with 90 percent coming from within 300 mile of the brewery. Vivant makes themselves known on the charity from by donating 11 percent of its profits to charities and pays all workers a living wage.


Other breweries that were close to making the top seven are: Alaskan Brewing Co., Bison Organic Beers, and Great Lakes Brewing Co. For more on the top most sustainable breweries in the US check out Triple Pundit and their ideas about what makes a brewery great at sustainability.





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