Who We Are

We are an organization whose mission is to educate and create awareness about sustainability in the brewing industry. We particularly want to connect and inform millennials, who are the main consumers of craft beer in the United States.  The craft brewing industry has experienced rapid growth in the last ten years and with this growth comes unique challenges and opportunities for differ624ef3a8-ddbf-4b02-870b-29f58ffa1db1entiation. The top challenges facing the industry today are: responsible marketing, environmental impacts, and community involvement. Trends in the industry have centered around becoming more environmentally conscious in brewing practices and internalizing social costs that beer contributes to. This transition to becoming more sustainable works well with the agile structure of many craft brew and microbrew companies.

Leadership Bio’s:

Mitchell Culman

Industry Research

Mitchell Culman is student at the University of Colorado at Boulder looking to pursue a degree in the Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and a minor in the Technology Arts and Media Program. He has lived in Colorado his entire life allowing him to gain insight into a growing community facing an unprecedented period of expansion. He has found that his particular skill set was nourished through financial analyses combined with a creative technology outlet. Mitchell conducted research on the beer industry’s corporate social responsibility concerns.

Jon Whiteley

Blog Manager/Industry Research

Jon Whiteley is currently a junior studying Finance and Accounting with a minor in Spanish. He is passionate about fitness, investing, traveling, and craft beer. As a Colorado native, he has experienced firsthand the breadth of the craft beer industry and looks to spark interest in this industry amongst others. He plans to utilize his passion for technology in making the financial world a more connected place for the everyday investor, as well as carry that over into the craft brew industry. Favorite breweries include New Belgium, Kona Brewing Company, and the local favorite Boulder Beer.

Adrianna Marini

Design Specialist

Adrianna Marini is a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder seeking to graduate with a degree in Communications and a minor in Technology, Arts, and Digital Media. She is originally from the San Francisco Bay area and loves exploring the different tastes of the beer industry.

Annalise Downey

Industry Research

Annalise Downey is a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder earning her degree in Marketing and Information Management as well as a minor in Technology Arts and Digital Media. Ten years in Colorado have allowed her to get a first hand glimpse into the craft brewing world. She believes that nothing is better than a good conversation over an even better IPA. Her favorite brewing companies include: Aspen Brewing, Ska Brewing, and Ace Brewing. She hopes to taste all the beers of the world one day and meet like minded people that can come together over a pint.

Bill Adams

Website/Social Media Manager

Bill Adams is a Junior at the University of Colorado at Boulder and is currently pursuing his double major in Marketing and Environmental Studies. Growing up in San Diego, California, his days off were spent enjoying cool beers at the beach. After moving to Colorado, he is thrilled to be involved in such a thriving craft brew community. Living in Colorado has deepened his appreciation and understanding of the beer industry. Bill’s favorite breweries are: Ballast Point, Finkle and Garf and Lagunitas.